Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Girl Sends Nude Pictures To Boy - Boy Goes To Jail

Alex Phillips is an asshole, there's no doubt about that. But I don't think he's a child pornographer. Alex Phillips is 17 and when his 16 year old girlfriend dumped him he got his 'revenge' by posting two nude pictures of her (that she had sent him) onto his MySpace page. Heckuva guy Alex, way to show some class, that should have the other girls lining up to be your new girlfriend.

Alex's plans came unstuck when the 16 year old ex-girlfriend (who sent the nude pictures to him, remember) called the cops, who arrested Alex Phillips and charged him with Child Pornography offences!! From StarTribune.com :

He is charged with felony counts of possessing child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child, and a misdemeanor count of defamation. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 16 years, nine months in prison and a $45,000 fine.

The girl, who testified by phone, said she took the photographs of herself and e-mailed them to Phillips about two months ago. When she learned on May 17 that Phillips had posted the photos to his Web page, her mother called police.

This case leaves me conflicted. This blog is all about the dumb things young girls do and how in this modern age those dumb things are there for everyone to see on the Internet. So good on her (or her mother?) for calling him on this BS and taking action.

But let's not forget that it was she who took the photographs of herself and e-mailed them to Phillips. One photo was of her standing buck naked, the other one was from behind pointing up at her vagina. If she hadn't have done that in the first place she wouldn't have had to take remedial action.

Girls: Do NOT take NUDE PHOTOS of your self and give them to your boyfriend!! What do you think he's going to do with them WHEN YOU BREAK UP??

This advice applies to wives too, but at least they're adults.

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