Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Defence Of Miley Cyrus

This might seem weird given what this blog is about, but I think the recent controversy about Miley Cyrus is unfair. She may only be 15 but 15 in Hollywood years is 21 in human years. I will blog further on this but in the meantime here are the saucy pics she sent her boyfriend:
Miley Cyrus Underwear Pictures

Er, on second thoughts they ARE inappropriate for a 15 year old ...

Here she is flashing her bra (fine if you're goofing with your girlfriends, but this pic is inside a recording studio): [pic not loading - please stand by - see vid below instead]

In an event that’s becoming as regular as the seasons, Miley Cyrus has seen some new scandalous pictures come to light. The rumor this time is that Miley took these pictures for Nick Jonas during the brief time they were dating. How they got out though I’m sure nobody knows.

Miley clearly thinks that shirt pulled up to her neck look is pretty hot, since she seems to do that at least once in every scandalous picture set that comes along.

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