Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Playboy 55th Anniversary Playmate Search

This might seem off topic, but the Playboy 55th Anniversary Playmate Search is underway. They're conducting the search via YouTube and anyone who fancies themselves as a Playmate can submit a video audition (non nude of course, it is You Tube) online. Some of the audition tapes have been both interesting and illuminating.

Firstly let me preface my comments by saying I have long had a bug up my butt about the mainstreaming of Playboy. Which is not to say I didn't 'consume' their product as a horny teen (graduating to Penthouse as a young horny male). I actually don't have a problem with pornography, as long as it is age appropriate. And by age appropriate I mean both the age of the models involved and the age of the person consuming it.

Clearly over the generations not enough Dad's have kept their pornography hidden, and daughters have grown up thinking it would be kinda cool to be a Playboy Bunny, especially if 'like, y'know, I have a smokin' hot bod'. When 12 year old girls can buy Playboy branded pyjamas at K Mart then you know something is wrong. And when mothers buy their 12 year old daughters Playboy branded pyjamas at K Mart then you know something is terribly wrong.

This mother has a very good figure and good on her for auditioning, you can almost see the self esteem she's reaching for in this video. She may be the definition of Yummy Mummy but I hope she raises her daughters in an age appropriate manner:

Because if she doesn't then her girls might end up like these two. Sure, they're pretty girl next door types, but they've only just turned 20 and it's kinda creepy that they kinda have all the elements of what it takes to be a Playboy Playmate, even if they don't actually have 'it':

This girl (below) does have 'it'. She's only 21, but I suppose if you're old enough to legally buy alcohol you're old enough to pose naked for money. (For some reason the vid won't embed so you'll have to cut n paste)


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