Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brazillian Paedo Alert!?

At first you think maybe this is just a harmless montage about two cute girls. But then you notice what body parts the camera is focusing on, and you think "yuck!" I'm hoping this is just a montage video created by some sleazo at the Photomat who ran off some prints for himself. Because that's slightly less appalling than thinking it's these girls' dear old Dad who made the montage and has posted it on YouTube to skite to his paedo chums.

At the six minute mark the girls get into the liquour cabinet ... (paedo's always give kids liquour - it makes the kids feel they being treated as adults ...and gets them woozey)

If anyone speaks Brazillian perhaps they can translate the user details for me so I can see if it is Dad or not. Here's another of his videos:

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